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Zsenia is a powerful yet simplified investment, research and analytics platform. It is a decision-making tool that can help anyone improve their investment performance and make better informed investments.


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What is Zsenia?
No Frills, No Hype & No BS

Zsenia is intuitive for beginners while also being powerful enough for advanced investors. Whether you are simply looking up the latest stock price, researching stocks, or simulating and stress testing your portfolio - we’ve got you covered.

Zsenia is a powerful yet simplified investment, research and analytics platform. It is a decision-making tool that can help anyone improve their investment performance and make better more informed investments. Zsenia includes all relevant information you need to invest better today. Zsenia meets the needs of many different types of investors, including beginners, casual investors, portfolio managers and financial advisors. Zsenia can be used by anyone to take charge of their investments and financial future, so that they can make informed investment decisions on the go. Access to key data, research and analysis before investing no longer has to be a head-scratching task. We understand time is money and that your time is valuable. That is why we created an easy-to-use investment research and analytical platform that recognizes your real needs and provides you with on-the-go tools and solutions.

The creators and founders of Zsenia have extensive experience in investments. This includes over 200 years of combined experience, over multiple business cycles (boom & busts) and across most investable asset classes globally. Reflecting on first-hand experiences, the founders selected the most relevant tools that helped them become better investors and combined them into one powerful and intuitive tool, Zsenia. Zsenia packs one of the most powerful investment and analytics tool right into your handheld device. It is one of the only comprehensive investment, research and analytics tool currently available on your handheld device in the marketplace today. Zsenia combines the speed, quality of analytics and efficiency, and leverages the experience of investment professionals who are time-tested. Zsenia provides a simple and faster way to improve your investment performance on the go.

Zsenia empowers you, the user, to make the key decisions that suit your needs. Zsenia helps you carry out basic to advanced financial research and analysis, regardless of your investment sophistication.

Why Zsenia now?
You are in charge

Over the last decade, the tectonic plates of the investment universe have materially improved for most investors, driven by innovation, transparency, and technology. These developments allow you take more control of your investments. Until now, the tools and applications necessary to navigate the new terrain have not kept pace with the velocity of change. Demand for transparency in this new digital world is forcing our expectations to change. The adoption of mobile technologies, instantaneous access to information, and the rise in demand for DIY (do-it-yourself) financial solutions are revolutionizing the investment industry.

The investment industry has been experiencing an unprecedented shift toward investing in passive investments, and since the launch of the first U.S. listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in 1993, this trend has only accelerated. ETF assets grew a whapping 3,000% in the past 15 years and now provide choices to fill the needs of investors from millennials to retirees. Over last 10 years, ETF assets grew at least at an annualized rate of 24%, versus approximately 8% for Mutual Fund assets when compared to the same time period. There are currently more than 5,000 ETFs available for trading globally, and ETF assets are over $4.3 trillion and growing. ETFs are already replicating most investable assets globally, facilitating DIY investing – bypassing the needless intermediaries for the benefit of the investors.

Investors globally increasingly invest in ETFs for a variety of reasons, including as part of an overall investment strategy, for their lower cost structures, and the fact that most (not all) actively managed funds do not outperform the markets and indices over time. Nevertheless, ETFs remain a mystery to many investors who might benefit from learning and analyzing these investment alternatives.

The new information universe has exposed inefficiencies in the industry, including the fact that most actively managed funds (not all) do not outperform the markets that they are trying to beat. According to Standard & Poor’s research, roughly 1 in 20 actively managed domestic funds beat the index funds they track. Over the last 15 years, 92.2% of large-cap funds lagged a simple S&P 500 index fund. The percentages of mid-cap and small-cap funds lagging their benchmarks were even higher: 95.4% and 93.2%, respectively. In other words, the odds you’ll do better than an index fund are close to 1 in 20 when picking an actively-managed domestic equity mutual fund.

Most experienced investment professionals know that there's no such thing as a strictly passive or active approach to investing. Rather, a thoughtful combination of active and passive strategies is required to consistently produce superior returns, over various market conditions.

The challenge remains that most investor does not have access to sophisticated tools so that they can better analyze investments and manage their investments on their own. Portfolio management and research software is usually only used by professional investors. As an investor’s personal portfolio grows over the years, it often requires more robust tracking, decision-making and investment tools that can accurately and effectively manage their investments.

This is where Zsenia comes in and you can use and improve your performance utilizing the powerful applications. Zsenia is a unique solution in the backdrop of these trends that have created a pressing need for a user-friendly analytics tool, so that you are empowered to make more informed investment decisions on the go.

Background & Mission
Built by investors for investors

The founders of Zsenia have extensive experience in investments with over 200+ years of combined experience over multiple business cycles (boom & busts) and across most global asset classes. The founders, reflecting on their first-hand experience, selected the most relevant tools from their respective areas of expertise, and combined these into a seamless product --- Zsenia.

Investing can be confusing and intimidating. Investors – both retail and institutional – today are bombarded by fragmented information overload. There is also a steep learning curve for investing, similar to any other profession or activity. As is often the case, the only useful information is 20%, while the remaining 80% is vastly useless. The question is – how do you identify the useful information from all this overload?

Zsenia is built to address many of these issues while providing you with powerful analytics that are rarely available at an affordable price. Zsenia puts these all in one place, and avoids the inherent conflict of interest of providers.

Feature by feature, we chipped away at these issues that plague current products to support a better user experience and provide a materially powerful tool at a fraction of the cost.

Our mission is to democratize access to financial data and analytics for all. Previously only the privileged such as institutional money managers had access to data and analytics, but now Zsenia is available to everyone at an affordable cost – this was the foundation of our product. With every new release we plan to continue to enhance the tools, power and capabilities of Zsenia.

When you register with Zsenia, you’ll have free access to My Finance, Dashboard, News, Markets, Quotes, Research, and Predictions. As a registered user you can also test drive all features of Zsenia using the Default Portfolios.

Importantly, Zsenia is self-funded and an independent provider and is not affiliated with any financial services platform. There are no vested interests between the founders and any other entity, like a brokerage, financial advisor or investment bank.

Zsenia is designed from the ground up to empower you.

Key Features

Get an edge


Stay on top (free)

Gain in-depth insight by streaming almost real-time data (delayed) and extensive historical information seamlessly on the go. Read trending news, monitor the market, track your portfolio---all updated in almost real time, while organized in a compact yet meaningful dashboard. Dashboard’s neat layout enables you to quickly discover the latest developments in the markets and navigate to the powerful sub-applications of Zsenia. Stay on top of key market developments and your portfolio, or leverage Zsenia’s powerful sub-applications and dig deep into News, Markets, Quote, Analyzer, Research, Backtesting, Optimizer, Simulator and several others with a few clicks.


Don’t miss a beat (free)

News provides seamless access to relevant news from multiple sources, organized to keep you informed about what impact various markets may have on your investments. Get unparalleled flexibility in following the up-to-the-minute insights on stocks, indices and markets. Stop waiting for headlines and get your 10-minute summary at the touch of button. The 10-minute curated summary of news keeps you up-to-date on the latest news compiled from several sources. The date sensitive keyword, ticker or subject search option enables you to explore and sort news under several customizable categories that fit your needs and filters out noise so you get the news you are looking for.


Market insight (free)

Get instant access to the relevant data on major equity, futures, yield curve and currency markets all in one place. Using the Sector Performance tab, you can keep track of the overall fundamental, market and analyst ratings of all the equity sectors daily. The Calendar tab provides you with the weekly schedule of events including Economic and Dividend updates.


Power drill (free)

Visually track intra-day and historical price performances of any ticker, index or your own portfolio. Gain In-Depth Intelligence by using the comparison tool. You can compare the performance of multiple securities and indices or do an in depth quantitative review of fundamental and market data. You can also review the current analyst ratings including specific stock forward-looking estimates, the latest news, and social media posts.

Easily monitor stock, ETF or portfolio performance at any given time. The platform uses graphs with pre-configured strategy layouts that include various customizable studies such as SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands, Volume SMA, Volume EMA, RSI and momentum indicators such as MACD. Users can also manually change the underlying parameters.

Monitor EOD option prices on any stock using Zsenia’s Quote tool.


Build a stellar portfolio

Use Zsenia’s powerful Analyzer tool to get an edge on security selection and easily identify new investment opportunities based on multi-dimensional qualitative and quantitative factors at the touch of a button. Use sophisticated screening tools to identify potential investments that suite your exact needs. Alternatively, select any ticker or portfolio and generate tailored reports covering comprehensive fundamental and market related analysis. Based on your set criteria, Analyzer can find you securities on a current or a lagged basis. You can also use Analyzer to find substitute investments, hedging investments and uncorrelated securities when comparing to any ticker or portfolio. Zsenia’s download function can be used to download files in PDF or Microsoft Excel format, which allows you to conduct your own analysis.

Users can also easily sort through the tracking list of stocks to find candidates based on the various metrics and rankings and create or add to portfolios for further analysis.


Demystify (free)

Zsenia Research provides powerful insight and in-depth analysis on any company, Mutual Fund or ETF. Go from research to decision faster with reports and analytics easily available through Zsenia Research. You can gain quick access to the latest company profiles, market data, key ratios, analyst ratings and earnings performance on any security. Generate instant reports for further analysis. Get real insight into the performance and expense ratios of thousands of mutual funds.

Zsenia’s company Research allows users to analyze stocks across multiple tabs comprising of Profile, Market Data, Key Ratio, Analyst Ratings & Earnings, Financial Performance, Market Technicals and Social Media info. Under Key Ratios, the user can easily compare other securities via the Compare button. The Ratings & Earnings Tab provides analyst ratings for the last three months and also contains important earnings related data. . The Performance tab includes all relevant financial ratios for any company.

Similarly for ETF’s and Mutual Funds, users can review the underlying Exposure, Key Ratios, Technicals and Social media info. ETF and Fund Analytics allow the user to run basic and advanced analytics across multiple Funds and ETFs over a preferred time period and benchmark. The Fund Overview tab provides the most relevant information including Manager Profiles, Dividend data and underlying Manager Fees and Expenses all in one place.


Build and empower

The Portfolio application lets you create multiple portfolios based on your investment preferences directly or indirectly from Analyzer using various fundamental, market and technical parameters. Once you select the actual weights of your portfolio, you’re all set. The Portfolio function also tracks changes and stores your changes so that you can track your performance more precisely. Once built, you can track the performance of your portfolio and individual securities within the portfolio from multiple sources including the Dashboard, Quote or Portfolio applications. You can also seamlessly backtest, optimize, as well as simulate performance.


Enlighten from history

Get lightning fast portfolio back testing done using the backtesting application in Zsenia. Zsenia lets you backtest your portfolio to gauge how it performed historically. You can backtest portfolios and visualize performance as well as measure the risk and return profile. You can also look at historical annual returns while specifying weights and the rebalancing timeline over any historical time period.

The results include a visualization of the portfolio growth chart and rolling returns, CAGR, standard deviation, Risk/Return ratios, and annual returns. A periodic rebalancing can also be specified. Although most portfolio backtesting tools are very complex and require some degree of user sophistication in investing and statistics, Zsenia provides a very simple interface that does it for you in an intuitive manner. This methodology of optimizing and instant backtesting significantly improves decision making and investment processes.


Smart Rebalancing

All investors need to know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to their investment goals and risk tolerance. Investors can construct portfolios aligned to investment strategies and can use Zsenia’s Optimizer application to develop a rebalancing strategy that meets their risk-return appetite. Using highly advanced analytics, you can view the optimized weights of your holdings at lightning speeds. Similar to backtesting, the results include a visualization of the portfolio growth chart and rolling returns, CAGR, standard deviation, Risk/Return ratios, and annual returns that include specified periodic rebalancing assumptions.

Zsenia’s Optimizer application can help you with rebalancing and reinvestment decisions, keeping your best interests in mind.

Zsenia’s Optimizer application uses both the Mean variance optimization (optimal risk adjusted portfolio that lies on the efficient frontier) or the Minimize Conditional Value-at-Risk (optimize the portfolio to minimize the expected tail loss). The optimization is based on the daily return statistics of the selected portfolio assets for the given time period. The optimization result does not predict what allocation would perform best outside the given time period, and the actual performance of portfolios constructed using the optimized asset weights may vary from the given performance goal. The required inputs for the optimization include the time range and the portfolio assets. Portfolio asset weights and constraints are optional.

Portfolio rebalancing has many benefits, but most importantly it helps control risk in your portfolio and can significantly reduce measures of risk – volatility and the expected maximum drawdown. Smart rebalancing is a key ingredient for optimal portfolio performance. When portfolios drift, it usually means you are taking on risk that you had not planned to take. This can hurt your performance over time. Rebalancing puts you back on the efficient frontier. Zsenia’s Optimizer application uses a sophisticated approach to help you rebalance your portfolio.


Uncover upside and downside risks

Zsenia’s Simulator allows you to analyze both the upside potential and downside risks and provides an intuitive visual chart as well as useful statistics to measure your risk and return profile.

To manage the downside risk of your portfolio, prudent risk-management is key. Determine your risk-tolerance and build a portfolio that meets your needs. Find an investment strategy that is right for you, and then make it a point to base your investments on logic and reason rather than emotion. Zsenia’s Simulator can help you make these decisions more confidently.

You can simulate forward-looking portfolio performance at lightning speeds to gauge portfolio upside as well as downside risks. The incredibly powerful analytical tool empowers you to easily visualize the upside potential and the downside risk of your investments along with the associated probabilities. Zsenia’s Simulator application allows you to forecast up to one year of price performance based on portfolio or security level assumptions.

My Finance

Turbo charge your action plan (free)

Zsenia’s free My Finance tools make it easy to evaluate and manage your finances. Use My Finance to develop your short-term, medium-term and long-term financial strategy in just a few steps.

Set a budget, calculate your net worth, determine a savings and investment plan all by yourself, and plan for the future including retirement. Zsenia’s free My Finance puts you in charge.

The Powerful Financial Planning tool in Zsenia also provides you with investment alternatives that can address your future savings and capital building goals. Zsenia’s Financial Planning tool provides a means to test long term expected portfolio growth and portfolio survival based on withdrawals, e.g., testing whether the portfolio can sustain the planned withdrawals required for retirement by you. Zsenia’s Financial Planning tool allows you to set up a fixed annual or monthly withdrawals or contributions for simplicity. You can also easily set up withdrawals or contributions using the schedule option. Yearly inflation and life expectancy assumptions are already built in for ease of use.

Automated Alerts

Actionable alerts

Stay on top of every headline that matters to you with alerts sent straight to your inbox or have them delivered as live sound alerts. Never miss an update on the tickers of your interest. Set up automatic alerts on individual tickers and portfolios to get intra-day and daily price and volume updates.


Trust but verify (free)

Today we are bombarded with views, opinions and tips about investments. Zsenia’s Investment View allows you to easily track such predictions. Keep track of investments views of your own as well as that of the experts and evaluate whether the views materialized over time using the Predictions application of Zsenia.

Zsenia’s Predictions allows you to include web links, media files and descriptions so that you can keep track of backup materials that formed the basis of any investment view.


Subscription Plans







Take the first step to make better and informed savings and investment decisions on the go!

Help us reach our mission to register 1 billion free users globally and help them take charge of their finances and gain a basic understanding of personal finance, research and the value of savings and investing for a better future regardless of their economic status or location.

Standard users have free access to My Finance, curated News, Markets, Quote, Research and the Prediction applications. Users can also test drive the all-powerful premium features restricted to default portfolios that include the Nasdaq 100, S&P 100, and DJIA securities. The Standard version is well-suited for beginners or power users for test driving the most powerful investment analytics used by professional investors.

Effortlessly plan your finances and evaluate future outcomes. Effectively research stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds on the go and make better decisions. Stay up to date on the markets and follow the latest news so that you are always ready and informed for the next step. Test drive our premium features (Optimizer, Backtester, Simulator and Analyzer) on default portfolios to get a glimpse of the powerful capabilities of Zsenia.

See plan comparison for details. Currently delayed data available for securities listed in United States only.
Enjoy the all-powerful features of Zsenia to get an edge like the pros!

In addition to My Finance, curated News, Markets, Quote, Research and the Prediction applications, you have full access and can build up to 5 custom portfolios, (including building history to evaluate performance) plus Backtester, Portfolio Optimization, Simulation, custom Alerts and Analyzer to get an edge and improve your investing performance.

For less than 50 cents a day you will have access to professional quality applications and analytical tools.

The Premium version is well-suited for beginners or power users.

See plan comparison for details. Currently delayed data available for securities listed in United States only.
Get the most from all powerful features of Zsenia to get an edge plus more!

For less than 150 cents a day you will have access to professional quality applications, analytical tools for yourself and others who you support.

The Professional version is well-suited for power users, portfolio managers and financial advisors who can seamlessly track up to 35 custom portfolios and 30 custom alerts and enjoy our premium support.

In addition to My Finance, curated News, Markets, Quote, Research and the Prediction applications, you have full access and can Build up to 35 custom portfolios (including building history to evaluate performance), plus Backtester, Portfolio Optimization, Simulation, custom Alerts and Analyzer to get an edge and improve your performance.

See plan comparison for details. Currently delayed data available for securities listed in United States.

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Financial Planning
Custom Watchlist
News & Markets
Quote & Analysis
Equity & ETF Research
Track Predictions
Create & Graph Portfolios Limited *
Market Alerts Limited *
Portfolio Backtesting Limited *
Portfolio Optimizer (Static) Limited *
Portfolio Optimizer (Dynamic) Limited *
Portfolio Simulator (Universal) Limited *
Portfolio (Components) Limited *
Analyzer (Reports) Limited *
Analyzer (Advanced Scanner) Limited *
Market Data Feeds Delayed Delayed Delayed
Developer Support Limited * Premium Premium
Number of Portfolios Limited * Up to 5 Up to 35
Number of Alerts Limited * Up to 10 Up to 30
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*Limited to test Default Portfolios only

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