Even smart people go broke due to a lack of basic financial acumen


We at Zsenia believe regardless of your background, knowing a few concepts well can get you started. With some effort on your part, you can go a long way. A bit of practice using the many free resources and tools, you will be well underway to becoming a pro.

Investment is part art and part science. Most of the concepts of investing are simple and you can relate them to real life and can easily apply your real life experiences to accelerate your learning process.

Investing Is Not Brain Surgery. ANYONE Can Figure It Out.

No Pain No Gain. You Can’t Beat The Market Without Putting In The Time.

The TIME IS NOW. Free Tools And Resources Are Everywhere.

Remember when you were making friends in high school, some friends turned out to be really amazing while some of them were not so trustworthy and were bad influences. If you think deeply, you can probably analyze and figure out the ways you can spot and avoid a similar person in the future. Picking the right stock or an ETF for the long-term in your portfolio is a similar process. There are only a handful of factors that are most relevant and impact the stock or ETF performance, and you can learn them easily.

Similarly, you must remember getting in trouble in school or at work for not being on top of an assignment or not taking good notes in class. The end result was probably not a disaster but I’m sure it was stressful. Similarly, you need to monitor and manage your investments. Investing should not be a stressful process. As long as your expectations are reasonable, you can spend a few minutes a day.

Taking charge of your finances and investments is extremely important for everyone. Money certainly does not equate to happiness, but misusing your investments and funds can cause serious stress in your life. Not because of the investments or money directly, but not having adequate funds can deprive you from achieving your goals, your full potential or even your ability to help your loved ones as needed. Your ultimate goal is to make the best use of your funds.

Investing Is A Mix of Art and Science but Mostly Commonsense. Don’t Be Intimidated.

Capital Growth = Initial & Ongoing Contributions combined with The Rate Of Return.

It’s Always Good To Start Early, But It’s Never Too Late. Start Today!

Needless to say, finance and investments still remains a mystery to many. This is partly due to the fault of the industry and past practice has been to make things a lot more complicated than they should be. Also there has been limited access to easy-to-understand material and important tools that help you understand and manage investments.

The sections below are meant to cover the most important things you must know. By no means does it cover every item in the investment universe. It is completely free and you’re not required to use Zsenia (free or paid version) for any of this.

Following these simple steps and understanding the key concepts will have you set up to become informed and make you a successful investor in no time. Once you get into the swing of things, you can simply apply the process that works best for you to make investments.